Java Streams and Lambdas

Welcome to the series of Learn Java 8 Tutorials. In this learning series we will understand the basic differences between traditional Java and Java 8 with plenty of useful examples.

The Java 8 was Java’s biggest release since inception which brought in many great changes to Java Platform. The capabilities of lambda expressions and streams was really long awaited in Java. They also modified the Collections Framework components and Date and Time API.

Java’s collection framework is based on Interfaces. Which is why, Java could never change any of the Collection framework APIs. But in this release, Java added concept of default methods in interfaces to solve the long pending issue. First time since the inception we saw new methods in the ArrayList and Maps etc.

In the mid of 2012, I was so fascinated by the (then) future features of Java, that I used the developer builds to try and prepare example source codes and started with this Series of Tutorials.

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Java 8 Streams

Date and Time API

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