Java Functional Interfaces Tutorial

A tutorial on Java Functional Interfaces – Learn with code examples the concept of Functional Interfaces and why were they added in Java 8.

Hands-on Spring Data JPA

This is your guide to get Hands-on Spring Data JPA. It gives an Introduction to Spring Data JPA and provides easy code examples

Spring Boot Multiple MongoTemplates

Spring Boot Multiple Mongo Templates describes way to inject more than one mongo templates or any other objects created by auto configuration.

What is JVM, JDK and JRE

Learn What is JVM, JDK and JRE. In this quick tutorial we will see what are the functions of these components, and the differences.

Introduction to Java

This Introduction to Java focuses on knowing the Java Programming Language. We will cover what are the major characteristics and components of Java, why it was invented, and a brief of the history.

Introduction To Java Collections

A Guide to Java Collections Framework. Learn Collections Hierarchy, Collections types, features and recent changes; with examples.

Introduction to Spring Framework

This is an Introduction to Spring Framework and Spring’s core concepts. In this tutorial, we will cover the main advantages, and features of Spring Framework.

Java Persistence API Guide

This guide covers an overview of Java Persistence API (JPA). Why it was created, what are the highlights, and what are the major parts. Learn Entity, EntityManager, JPQL and Criteria.

Spring Boot with Spring Data JPA

A guide for Accessing data using Spring Data JPA abstraction. We will use real database and Spring Data JPA for creating table and accessing data.

Understanding Java 8 Streams API

This article helps Understanding Java 8 Streams API. Learn what are streams, how different they are from Collections, stream operations, behaviours with simple examples

JSR 310 Part 3 : Java 8 Date and Time API

Java 8 Date and Time API is modified. Learn about what has changed and how better it is compared to old API or Joda Time API. Explained in detailed with examples.

JSR 310 Part 2 : Joda Time API

Before we learn Java 8 Date and Time API, let’s have a looks at what is Joda Time API and how it is different than old date and time API. This will help us understand how better Java Date and Time API is.

Introduction to Java Preferences API

Java Preferences API is quite old and not so famous feature in Java. Learn about how Java Preferences API helps storing User or System preferences with the help of detailed examples.

Introduction to Fork Join Framework

Learn about Java Fork Join Framework, how it works, what is Work Stealing Algorithm, how it makes use of multi-core capabilities and how parallelism is different than concurrency.