Actuators in old Spring Boot (1.x)

A quick guide to Old Spring Boot 1.x actuators. Know the endpoints, configurations and write Custom Endpoints with code samples and examples.

Spring Boot Introduction

Get an Introduction to Spring Boot. Learn framework features and basic concepts in detail, and understand benefits of Using Spring Boot.

Hands-on Spring Data JPA

This is your guide to get Hands-on Spring Data JPA. It gives an Introduction to Spring Data JPA and provides easy code examples

Spring @Autowired Guide

Welcome to Spring @Autowired Guide. You will learn how the @Autowired annotation works, with the help of Spring auto-wiring examples.

Spring Bean Scopes Guide

Read this tutorial to learn about Spring Bean Scopes. Spring Bean Scopes define the lifecycle and the availability of the beans in Application Context.

Spring Framework Architecture

A detailed overview of Spring Framework Architecture. Learn how the various components of Spring Framework are organised.

Introduction to Spring Framework

This is an Introduction to Spring Framework and Spring’s core concepts. In this tutorial, we will cover the main advantages, and features of Spring Framework.

Spring Boot with Spring Data JPA

A guide for Accessing data using Spring Data JPA abstraction. We will use real database and Spring Data JPA for creating table and accessing data.

Spring Boot Multiple MongoTemplates

Spring Boot Multiple Mongo Templates describes way to inject more than one mongo templates or any other objects created by auto configuration.