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Thanks for visiting us at ‘amitph’. This site provides many programming tutorials and Learning Materials for technology experts and newbies. We try our best to keep our tutorials more informative and focused. As this is a programming tutorial site, you will find many code examples with easily relatable contexts. 


Amit Phaltankar, a technology enthusiast and active learner like you, maintains this site. He started with this site with the topics or features he found interesting. Please browse through our list of topics. 

Who is Amit Phaltankar?

Amit Phaltankar

Amit Phaltankar

Amit Phaltankar is a Technology enthusiast and Author who loves learning and adapting to newer programming practices and trends and has a tremendous passion for sharing what he knows. 

Amit works as a Technology Lead on the Java Platform and has immense experience in Design, Code, Refactor, Test, and Deploy large-scale applications and micro-services. He has a variety of expertise in Programming, Unit Testing, OOPS, Functional Programming, Big Data Technologies, micro-services, Databases, and SQL.

Apart from programming, he loves Photography, Music creation, fiction, Ghazals, and Cooking and recently started his youtube channel. If you share any of his interests, feel free to buzz him. 

Amit Phaltankar welcomes comments, questions, suggestions, or a friendly ‘Hi.’ Don’t hesitate to get in touch with him.